Oct 11, 2011

Changes to USPAP: An Ounce of Prevention

The 2012-13 USPAP is signed, sealed, and (soon to be) delivered to appraisers and course providers all over the country. Its requirements will become effective January 1, 2012.

Coincidentally, the cold and flu season is about to get underway, and health care professionals are urging individuals to get flu shots as a preventative measure.

What’s the link between the cold and flu season and USPAP? ¬†Preparation (i.e., prevention) is essential, and a little pain now can serve to head off bigger problems later.

For appraisers, USPAP compliance is required by federal laws, like FIRREA, as well as state laws. Compliance is also mandated by many clients and intended users such as HUD and Fannie Mae.

On January 1, you want to be ready to develop and prepare your reports in compliance with the new USPAP. And in order to do that, you need to understand the changes that were made to USPAP for 2012-13.

And much like the new “needle-less” flu vaccines that you see being advertised, USPAP education has been re-engineered to be less painful. For 2012-13, the official 7-Hour USPAP Update Course is available online, and it features video, polling, and interactive content designed to enhance learning and fight boredom. And there are also one-hour non-credit USPAP webinars, which are perfect for appraisers who want to learn exactly what they need to know, with no wasted time or effort. In order to help you learn about the USPAP changes before they go into effect, these preventative educational measures have been made available to you, right now.

A disciplinary complaint filed for an alleged USPAP violation will make an appraiser only wish he or she had the flu. Staying in bed for a few days and drinking plenty of liquids won’t make a disciplinary case go away. Becoming familiar with the requirements of the 2012 USPAP – before it goes into effect – is the most effective inoculation against the “USPAP flu”.

Get your dose at www.McKissock.com/USPAP!

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    Julio E. Sune, Jr Says:




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    admin Says:

    McKissock has a 1-hr non-credit webinar that gives you a quick overview on the main 2012-13 changes if you don’t have time to take the complete update just yet – the next one is airing 12/9/11, details here: http://bit.ly/McK-USPAPweb120911.
    The book is included if you purchase the new 7 hour update course thru McKissock – available now in an ONLINE format, and in hundreds of LIVE class locations around the country, too. Check McKissock.com/USPAP for your state’s availability.
    If you want the book without the course just yet, you can get that at The Appraisal Foundation’s website: http://www.appraisalfoundation.org.

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    Pat Henry Says:

    What are the changes in the U S P A P for 2012 ? Where is the best place to buy a book?
    Pat Henry

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